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About Me

Hi there!

My name is Bianca Lambert. I am a born and raised Atlien with a never-ending quest to create. I am a writer, producer, entrepreneur, and actor living in Los Angeles. I started my creative career as the Founder of Mae B — a stationery brand for women. Then after a five-year crash course in entrepreneurship, I was offered a chance to move to Los Angeles to work at BuzzFeed as a Style Resident creating beauty and style content for the YouTube channel AS/IS. I have gone on to produce content for PopSugar, Travel Noire, Girlboss, The Everygirl — and I am now a staff writer for xoNecole. Whoa, what a journey, right?!

Oh, and I am also an actor having worked with brands like Marriott, L'Oréal, and a rideshare company I can’t mention until the commercial comes out…hahaha!

Feel free to reach out to me to just say hi or to chat about any opportunities you think I’d love!

Talk soon,