Finding My Passion...

Being on camera became one of my passions about 6 years ago. I moved back to Nashville for a boy and took a job working at a non profit. The job turned out to be my own personal hell and the boy and I didn't work out. One of the bright spots that came out of that 6 months of my life was signing with my talent agency AMAX. I saw an ad for an open call and went to their office on my lunch break. I walked in with my jeans on, my black tee, with my hair straightened to perfection. I walked in and a cute, blonde guy greeted me, took a few photos, and said we will be in touch. I had been turned down by AMAX before so I wasn't expecting a yes. About a week later, I got the call that I was signed. I was crazy excited. I'd always wanted to be a model but at the time I thought that meant being 5'8 , 100 pounds soaking wet, and rocking the meanest sexist smize I could. HIgh fashion wasn't my destiny. I was signed to their commercial division which turned out to be a perfect fit. 

That same week I went in to sign my paperwork and CA ( our fearless leader) said "I think she'd be great for the UWG commercial". I'd never auditioned for a commercial but I was game. In my first audition, I had to talk about a great adventure I had been on into a camera. I talked about my adventure to NYC with my best friend Matt. If you know us, it was truly an adventure. We we're running through NYC like we owned the island.

Late that day, Sean called to say the director wanted to see me in person! She wanted me in American Eagle type clothes. So I rocked my favorite jeans, my army fatigue jacket, and my favorite burnt orange beanie. I went in worked with her and that was that. It was so much fun! So was she. 

The next day Sean called to ask me about my hair. At the time, I was wearing a sew in to protect my hair as it was going natural. He said "can we see your natural hair"?  Of course, I said yes. What Sean didn't know was that I no idea what my natural hair looked like. I was addicted to the creamy crack at the time and growing out my relaxer. I called my friend D and asked her if she would be up for helping me take out my weave. She said yes and boy was I thankful. Three hours later, my hair was out and wild. I didn't have time to wash it. So I fluffed it out, took a snap, and e-mailed the photo. The next night Sean emailed to tell me I was on first refusal. I asked him what that meant. He let me know it meant I was their first choice and the rest is history. 

My Second UWG Commercial

After filming that commercial all I wanted to do was book more. I auditioned for everything that came my way, but I was met with a few yes's and a lot of no's. My passion started to become a place of pain and frustration. I am the type of person that gives their all to anything I am working on. I told myself, I am going to pursue acting full time. Not fully grasping how difficult that road would be since auditions don't pay the bills. After struggling for a few years, I said "I quit". I'll take auditions if my agents send them to me, but I am not actively pursuing this career anymore. I started Mae B around that time because I wanted to have more control over my destiny and it has now become my passion and priority. 

The first week of February, my agent e-mailed to say a television show wanted to work with me on a new show they were shooting in Charlotte. To be honest, I wanted to tell him no, but I called my friend Andrea and she gave me all of the reasons I should say yes. So I did. Being on set Friday, revived my fire for being in front of the camera. Am I ready to give it my all again? No quite, but I am ready to get back into class and see where this journey takes me. The funniest part about all of this is that I put this on my vision board. I have already had one audition for a SAG commercial (that I didn't book) , booked a pretty big print job, and this opportunity showed up. It looks like this year may bring me what I have been hoping and praying for.

If you're in a place where you aren't sure if you are still invested in your career or anything in your life- take a moment, be still, pray, and the answers will show up. It may not be today or even a month from now, but your your next steps will become clear.